Microsoft stores taking reservations for the Surface tablet

If you want to get the Microsoft Surface tablet as soon as it comes out, you may be able to reserve one now by going to your nearest Microsoft Store.

Online pre-orders for the cheapest version of the Surface may have sold out as shipping wait time is now three weeks. So picking up a reservation pass or buying a more expensive version of the tablet may be your best option if you plan on getting the Surface on Oct. 26, the day it comes out.

You can see a picture of a reservation pass on WPCentral‘s site. The pass simply says a Surface has been reserved and that users must show up before noon to get their reserved tablet.

Microsoft couldn’t be reached for comment.

The Surface is Microsoft’s first in-house computer of any kind and it’s the flagship product in the new era of Windows 8 operating system, which launches the same day as the tablet.

But Microsoft has not let anyone check out the Surface, therefore little isknown about its functionality.

The tablet, which comes with different storage capabilities, starts at $499.

For a list of Microsoft Store location, check out this page.


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