Democrats, Republicans differ on product brand preferences

If you're a Democrat, you're likely to be a fan of Google, and PBS, while Republicans bestow favor on Fox News Channel, Chick-fil-A and Johnson & Johnson.

At least those are the findings of the consumer research firm YouGov in its annual report on the brands that people of different political persuasions like.

Although Democrats and Republicans differ a great deal in their favorite brands, there is middle ground — members of both political groups enjoy Cheerios, Clorox and Craftsman.

This election year, business leaders have been vocal about where they stand, and that had an effect on the brand survey.

The most dramatic change came in the wake of Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy's comments on gay marriage that sparked an onslaught of support and criticism this summer. For the first time ever, Chick-fil-A landed among the top 10 Republican brands, though it's ranked 1,076th among Democrats.

Staples Inc. founder Thomas Stemberg lauded presidential candidate Mitt Romney — who sat on the office supply company's board of directors for more than a decade — at the Republican National Convention this year. The company ranked 46th among Republicans and 123rd among Democrats, in the report.

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