Google celebrates ‘Star Trek’ as shares live long and prosper

At the same time the original “Star Trek” crew graces the Google home page Friday, the search company’s share price seems to be boldly going where no tech stock has gone before.

Google is celebrating the 46th anniversary of “Star Trek” the original series with its latest Google Doodle. At the same time, the Mountain View, Calif., company’s share price has beamed up above $700 a share, giving the company even more to celebrate.

Investors appear to be betting that Google’s shares will live long and prosper: The tech giant’s shares are currently trading around $706 and hit higher than $712 earlier in the day.

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There’s no guarantee the stock will hold up, but this isn’t Google’s first time trading above $700. The tech giant was last above the mark in late 2007.

Spock might say that it seems logical Google’s rival Apple may also soon hit $700. The Cupertino, Calif., company’s stock has been steadily climbing since late July and is now at around $682.

Meanwhile, shares for Google’s other rival Facebook would hope to cling to the search giant’s success. Its shares have been trading below $20 for the last few weeks.

And as Google enjoys being above $700, you can enjoy the company’s “Star Trek” Doodle if you head over to the company’s home page.

There you’ll find members of the original crew of the USS Enterprise in the shapes of the letters that make up Google’s name in an interactive Doodle.

Mr. Spock makes the “G,” Nyota Uhura makes the first “O,” followed by James T. Kirk as the second “O.” Dr. McCoy appears to make up the second “G” and Hikaru Sulu the “L.” The “E” at the end appears to be an unnamed crew member of the ship who beams down with Kirk to a planet for an adventure.


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