Many frequent travelers say TSA is doing poor job

An airline passenger proceeds through a full-body scanner this week at Chicago's O'Hare Airport.
(Phil Velasquez/Chicago Tribune/MCT)

If you fly a couple of times a year, you are more than likely to say that the Transportation Security Administration is doing a good job at the nation’s airports.

If you fly more often, your opinion is not so positive.

When asked about their last TSA security experience, 56% of frequent fliers said they were not satisfied, according to a survey released Tuesday. A smaller number, 19%, said they were either satisfied, very satisfied or extremely satisfied with that experience.

The findings from the survey conducted by the online magazine Frequent Business Traveler seem to conflict with a Gallup survey released in August. That survey found that 54% of Americans said the agency in charge of security at airports is doing a good or excellent job, with an additional 30% saying the TSA does only a fair job.


The survey results may differ because the subjects of the latest survey had more exposure to the TSA.

The poll by Frequent Business Traveler questioned 1,852 travelers who had taken an average of 16.3 business and leisure trips in the past year. The people surveyed for the Gallup poll took an average of 2.1 trips per year.

Frequent travelers seem to have a harsher opinion of the TSA.

When asked if the TSA is doing a poor, fair, good or excellent job, 57% of frequent travelers said the TSA was doing a poor job in airport security screening, 34% rated it fair, 8% said it was good, and only 1% rated the agency’s work as excellent.


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