Like the iPhone 5, Apple’s Lightning cables, adapters sell out


IPhone 5 pre-orders began early Friday morning and already the phone is sold out on, and it’s not alone -- the new Lightning connector cables and adapters are sold out too.

Apple now says the cable for the iPhone 5’s new Lightning dock connection won’t be available for another two to three weeks.

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That means there’s a longer wait time for the new cables than there is for the new iPhone.

That’s probably because this is the first time Apple introduced a new connector to the iPhone and the first time the company has changed its connector on the iPod since at least 2003.

But the Lightning connector doesn’t have the longest wait time either. That distinction belongs to the connector’s two adapters.

Because of the connector change, the iPhone 5 won’t work with most accessories without an adapter. That appears to have led to high demand, and now Apple is listing the adapters as available to ship in October.

Apple sells a Lightning to 30-pin adapter for $30 and a 30-pin to Lightning adapter for $40.

But if you’re in dire need of Lightening cable or adapters, you may still be able to get them elsewhere. Apple retail stores may sell them, and they also be available from company’s retail partners, such as Best Buy.



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