Psy and Google’s Eric Schmidt get it on ‘Gangnam Style’


Will the “Gangnam Style” craze ever end? Not if Google’s Eric Schmidt has anything to do with it.

The Google chairman and former chief executive was in Seoul Thursday, reportedly to meet with Android manufacturers, and while in town, he asked to be taught the famous dance from K-pop star Psy’s YouTube sensation “Gangnam Style.”

And lo and behold, Psy himself showed up at Google’s Seoul headquarters to teach the man. And honestly, it was the least Psy could do, considering Schmidt’s company owns YouTube, which is largely responsible for Psy’s explosion.


Here’s them dancing:

But it wasn’t just Schmidt who got something out of their meeting. AllKpop reports Google presented Psy with a framed Doodle of a dragon in return for the dance lesson. Check out the Doodle.

Not bad. Plus, Psy also got this sweet tweet out of it.

How the world did I meet and have fun with the chairman of GOOGLE!?? @ericschmidt!!!…— PSY (@psy_oppa) September 27, 2012


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