Google Play for Android redesigned with cleaner, minimalist look

Google Play for Android redesigned with cleaner, minimalist look
A Nexus 10 tablet shows the redesigned look of the mobile version of Google Play.

Google’s digital store for Android smartphone users is getting a face-lift.

Google announced Tuesday that it has begun to roll out a new look for the mobile version of Google Play, its rival to Apple’s iTunes. Some users around the world will see the new design starting Tuesday, then over time, more and more users will see the redesign on their devices.


Currently, the mobile store is text heavy, but the redesign will change that and instead emphasize the use of large images.

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The new look also puts the mobile version of Google Play more in line with its Web counterpart. The older version of the Android store uses black as its main color and has an overall dark hue throughout. That is being replaced with a lighter set of colors, like the ones found when accessing Google Play through the Web. This should make Google Play for Android easier on users’ eyes.

Besides a redesign, Google also said it has sped up the checkout process so users can begin to enjoy their content more quickly. Users can purchase music, movies, TV shows, books and magazines from the digital store.

“Get ready for a simpler Google Play,” the Silicon Valley giant said in a blog post announcing the redesign. 

The new-look Google Play store will work for devices running Android 2.2 Froyo and higher.



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