You're telling me lies: Husbands keeping tickets, accidents secret

That mysterious new dent on the car? Chances are, if the husband did it, he'll take the "wasn't me" route and lie about it. And, of course, the faithful wife will believe him. polled 1,000 married adults last month to find out how honest they are about owning up to traffic accidents, traffic tickets, auto insurance matters and more.

Someone must have hit my car in the parking lot: When the results for husbands and wives were studied, the poll showed that 42% of the husbands dinged the car and blamed someone else.

Only 27% of the wives told similar lies.

"Men have across-the-board higher percentages of keeping secrets," said Amy Danise, editorial director of, in an interview.

If I'm lying, she must be lying too: "Husbands suspect their wives of lying way more than they actually do," Danise added. "Men really need to throttle down on their suspicions."

Married adults overall lied 35% of the time and blamed someone else when they dented their car.

In one in four cases, the poll showed, they also kept a traffic ticket secret from their spouse.

The poll also showed that spouses had kept a traffic accident secret.

Even worse, about 15% of the spouses admitted driving without car insurance and keeping it secret.

While the latter was very serious, wasn't advising that wives confront their husband about the next dent they find on their husband's car.

"Maybe these things are better left unsaid," Danise said.


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