Comedic website Funny or Die releases 78-minute Steve Jobs biopic

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Funny or Die says iSteve, its first full-length feature film, was written in three days, mostly based on Wikipedia articles, and shot in five days.

No wonder the website isn’t expecting any film awards.

The Steve Jobs biopic roughly--and we may be understating it--traces the life of the late Apple co-founder, who is portrayed by the company’s former spokesman Justin Long.

Considering its extensive research, the comedic movie takes literary license to new levels. For instance, Jobs and fellow Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who is portrayed by Jorge Garcia from the show “Lost,” meet and a little later on the same day build their first computer, the Apple I.

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The 78-minute long movie can be found online and watched for free. It’s worth watching if you have absolutely nothing else to do.

“ISteve” was originally supposed to be released on April 15, but Funny or Die said it decided to delay the film because of Monday’s Boston Marathon bombing.

The Funny or Die movie is one of three planned pictures based on the life of Jobs. Another independent film, starring Aston Kutcher, is also set to release later this year while Academy Award-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin is writing another version of the film, based on Jobs’ official biography from 2011.


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