Microsoft returns with more break dancing in Surface Pro ad

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Microsoft is back with more break dancing to promote its latest Surface tablet.

The company premiered a new commercial over the weekend during the Grammy Awards and on YouTube, this time to promote the Surface Pro, which launched Saturday.

The ad is essentially a sequel to the Surface RT commercial that was released in October. With its hip dancing, the ad appears to be aimed at young adults.

Last fall, reports said Microsoft was spending as much as $1 billion to promote the Surface RT, and this new ad could mean Microsoft is getting ready to launch another marketing blitz.


Besides bringing back break dancing, the new ad also features a main character resembling hipster actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

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While the first ad for the tablet appears to be set at a college campus or a plaza, the latest ad for the Surface Pro is set at a company, in keeping with the new tablet’s selling point.

Just like the first ad, the main character “clicks in” but this time everyone seated around a conference table begins dancing. The dancers take out the Surface Pro’s pen and demonstrate the tablet’s business capabilities all the while jamming out.

If the highlight from the first ad was the break dancing school girls, then the most memorable part of the latest ad has got to be the company boss. He walks in about 30 seconds into the ad and starts break dancing while his assistant shows off his human beat box skills.



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