148-year-old baseball card could fetch six figures at auction

A baseball card from 1865 uncovered at a yard sale in Maine could fetch six figures on the auction block, a report says.

A man browsing the sale picked up a photo album with the card tucked inside in Baileyville, a town near the Canadian border, the Saco River Auction Co. told the Associated Press.

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The 148-year-old card, which doesn't feature just one player like many modern versions, is a photo of the Brooklyn Atlantics amateur baseball team pasted onto a card. Two of the 10 men featured in the black-and-white photograph are holding baseball bats.

Saco River's Troy Thibodeau told the Associated Press that the card could attracts bids of $100,000 or more when it goes up for auction on Feb. 6. Last summer, the auction house sold an 1888 card depicting Hall of Fame baseball player Michael Kelley for $72,000.

Thibodeau said he knows of only two cards like the Brooklyn Atlantics' in existence. One is in the Library of Congress.


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