Fourth of July spending expected to increase, survey says


Expect more fireworks to light up the sky on the Fourth of July this year.

An annual national survey from Visa on Independence Day found that people expected to spend $300 on the holiday, up nearly 60% from last year’s $190.

The number of Americans planning to make special purchases to celebrate the Fourth of July is also up. Last year 21% of respondents said they would not spend anything on the holiday; this year it was down to 12%.

The amount varied from region to region across the U.S., according to the survey of 1,007 telephone interviews.


Northeasterners will spend an average of $454, Southerners will spend an average of $339, Westerners will spend an average of $206 and Midwesterners will spend an average of $195.

Over 40% of people in the United States plan to buy fireworks, spending an average of $28. However, fireworks spending also varied geographically.

Midwesterners and Southerners are spending $36 and $35 respectively, twice as much as Northeasterners and Westerners who are expected to spend just $17, probably because of legal restrictions and limited access.

Men are expected to outspend women by more than double, at $39 versus $18.


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