Apple’s ‘Designed in California’ TV ad flops with consumers


If you don’t like Apple’s latest TV ad, you aren’t alone.

This month the company launched a commercial dubbed “Designed by Apple in California” showing users with their Apple devices while an actor reads what is essentially a company manifesto. That ad premiered at the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

According to one consulting firm, it has been Apple’s lowest rated ad in the last year.

Ace Metrix Inc. gave the ad a score of 489 -- way below the industry average of 542, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. And uncommonly low considering that Apple ads have often scored over 700.


Ace Metrix bases its scores on surveys its conducts of at least 500 TV viewers.

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Apple has had a run of ads that have scored below the company norm. Its montage commercial focusing on the iPhone’s capabilities as a camera got a 560, and one highlighting the phone’s music player got a score of 537.

The poorly received ads differ sharply from those in Apple’s previous campaigns, which have mostly showed Apple products on white backgrounds while a voice talked about one of their features.

Ace Metrix Chief Executive Peter Daboll says the new Apple ads may also be getting low scores due to lack of big product launches by the company. Although Apple released an updated MacBook Air laptop this month, it hasn’t announced a new iPhone or iPad since October.


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