Nokia prods Instagram with its own ‘#2InstaWithLove’ app

Nokia has rolled out its own app #2ToInstaWithLove, hoping to pressure Instagram to build a Windows Phone version of the popular mobile photo-sharing software.

All new Nokia smartphones run the Windows Phone operating system but the Instagram app is only available for Apple and Google Android devices. The Finnish phone maker says it wants Instagram to make an app for its devices running the Windows Phone operating system.

“The only way for us to show how much the Nokia community really cares about bringing this world-class app to Windows Phone, is by having a little fun and showing Instagram just how passionate you all are,” Nokia said in a blog post addressed to its users.

Nokia’s simple app lets users take photos, add a Polaroid filter to their picture and share it on their social networks. Unlike Instagram’s 19 photo filters, Nokia’s app only has one.

When users share their photos, the app automatically adds the hashtag "#2InstaWithLove. Nokia hopes all the pictures and social network activity will show Instagram how much demand there is for a Windows Phone version of the Instagram app.


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A lack of some important apps, including Instagram and Pandora, are believed to be keeping some consumers from purchasing phones running Windows Phone.

Instead of petitioning Instagram for an app “the community can speak directly to Instagram and the Instagram community in a way they can respect … through the use of beautiful photography,” the Nokia blog says.

Instagram could not be reached for comment.


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