Red and pink gay marriage logo quickly spoofed online


By now, you’ve probably seen your Facebook news feed flooded with pink equal signs in red squares.

The Human Rights Campaign’s marriage equality logo went viral Monday, with scores of users uploading the image as their profile pictures in a show of support.

Almost as quickly, the logo became the subject of some creative spoofs, with people riffing off the color scheme and simple design.


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Our favorite derivatives so far: two strips of bacon replacing the equal sign; red velvet cake (with the white cream cheese layers representing the equal signs); and a digital cutout of chef Paula Deen sitting atop the gay marriage logo with the caption, “It’s like two sticks of butter, y’all.”

The logo has also received its share of ribbing, with Facebook users wondering why so many of their friends were publicly posting their pregnancy test results online, and others getting confused by so many identical profile photos.

“Facebook confession: Thanks for all the red equality signs, but I’m really having a hard time today figuring out who is who,” David Link, an attorney, wrote on his Facebook wall.

The Human Rights Campaign put together its “Top 10 Best HRC Logo Remixes,” which you can find here.

Tell us: What’s been your favorite marriage equality logo spoof?


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