When a home warranty is as leaky as the plumbing


Bill’s daughter recently purchased a house, and it came with a home warranty. Then the trouble started.

She took a shower and discovered that water was seeping out of the walls. Yow! Bill’s daughter contacted the warranty provider and was told the policy didn’t cover plumbing.

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Bill asks: Is that how these things usually work?

And the answer is: No. Most home warranties cover plumbing, along with most other major systems and appliances.

My advice is to pull out the paperwork on the coverage and see what exactly it says. If plumbing is indeed excluded, you’ll have to rely on your property insurer. And if they won’t step up, then you’re pretty much on your own.

Most homes are sold “as is,” which is why buyers bring in their own inspectors before a sale. If your inspector didn’t catch all that funky plumbing, you’ll probably want to use someone else next time.

Also, make a habit of always reading the fine print of any insurance you purchase or receive. You don’t want any surprises when you actually need some help.

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