Hello Kitty jet landing in L.A. soon


Twenty five years ago, a giant black and white killer whale decorated the fuselage of a Southwest Airlines 737-300 as part of a promotional deal with Sea World.

A decade later, All Nippon Airlines decorated the first of several planes with Pokeman characters. Southwest got heads to turn in 2009 when it put the image of a bikini clad supermodel on the side of one of its jets.

On Wednesday, the latest attention-grabbing jet will land at Los Angeles International Airport: The Hello Kitty plane.


A Boeing 777-300ER flown by Taiwan-based EVA Air and painted to honor the hugely popular feline will start to make three regular flights from LAX to Taipei.

Passengers on the plane might suffer from a Hello Kitty overdose. The cat will be emblazed on the pillow covers as well as the hand soap and tissues in the bathroom. Even the flight attendants will be wearing Hello Kitty uniforms.

And if you need more Hello Kitty in your life, you can buy Hello Kitty items onboard, such as necklaces, pins, bags and aprons.


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