More Southern Californians expected to travel for spring break

Gasoline prices may be on the rise but that is not going to keep Southern Californians homebound for spring break.

Fifty-six percent of Southern California residents who were polled said they plan to take a least one leisure trip this spring, an increase of nine percentage points over last year, according to a survey by the Auto Club of Southern California.

In fact, the survey found that 63% of those who are traveling say they will take two or more trips this spring, compared to 38% in 2013 and 35% in 2012.

The travel bug is biting in Southern California despite a recent rise in gas prices. A gallon of regular gasoline in the Los Angeles area was selling for an average of $3.971 a month ago. It now sells for about $4.13, according to the Auto Club.

Auto Club officials say the expected rise in travel this spring is likely because more people feel confident about their personal economic situation.

And many vacationers likely planned their spring trips long before gasoline prices began to rise, said Auto Club spokeswoman Marie Montgomery.

"You just have to roll with it," she said

The latest survey did not ask what mode of transportation travelers plan to use this year but previous surveys have found that about 80% to 90% of Southern Californians drive.

The top destination for Southern California travelers this spring are Las Vegas, Anaheim (Disneyland/Disney California Adventure Park), Palm Springs, Los Angeles and San Diego.


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