T-Mobile to sell LTE iPads at the same price as Wi-Fi-only models

T-Mobile announced that it will sell iPads capable of connecting to LTE networks at the same price as iPads that can only connect to Wi-Fi networks, essentially offering customers a $130 discount on the Apple tablets.

The Seattle-based carrier said the special prices would be available for a limited time starting Saturday. Customers can get the discounted iPads, as well as other tablets, for nothing down followed by 24 monthly payments that vary depending on the tablet chosen.

Under this promotion, for example, customers can get the LTE 16-gigabyte iPad mini with Retina display, which normally retails for $529, for a total of $398.88. T-Mobile is offering several other iPads as well as tablets from Samsung and Google.

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Additionally, T-Mobile is offering tablet customers 1-gigabyte of data per month for free when they also sign up for a voice plan. This is in addition to a free 200 megabytes of data that T-Mobile offers all customers. The free gigabyte of data will be available to customers through the end of 2014. After that, customers will have to pay the regular price of $10 per month to keep the monthly gigabyte of data.

T-Mobile's tablet announcements followed the introduction of a new $40 monthly smartphone service plan on Wednesday. That option, called the Simple Starter plan, offers customers unlimited voice and text and 500 MB of LTE data and tethering.

Simple Starter is a cheaper option than the company's $50 Simple Choice plan, which includes unlimited talk and text and 1 GB of data and tethering.

T-Mobile is expected to make another announcement on Friday.


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