Unboxing the Snakebyte Vyper gaming tablet [Video]


Tablet, game console, smart TV -- the Snakebyte Vyper tries to be all three.

With a video game controller, a wireless remote and a dock that connects to TVs, the Vyper is unlike other 7-inch tablets on the market.

The gizmo is designed to be used like a traditional tablet when users have it in their hands, but can also be used as an entertainment system when it is plugged into its dock.

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The dock sends the Android tablet’s video signal to users’ TVs through an HDMI cable, allowing them to stream content from apps such as YouTube and Netflix and watch it on their large screens. Using the included wireless remote, users can control the content while sitting back on their couches.

The Vyper can also be used as a video game system when users connect the included video game controller. This allows users to control the action on their tablet’s screen the way they would with a traditional gaming console, such as the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, rather than having to direct the game using touchscreen gestures. Users can also connect the Vyper to their TVs and play video games on their big screens while using the video game controller.

The Vyper is available for purchase online for $249.99. I’ll be reviewing the gadget this week. Users who have questions can shoot me an email or tweet me.


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