Your guide to ADUs in Southern California

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5 Things to know before building your ADU

Building an ADU can be complicated and expensive. Architect Bo Sundius of Bunch Design suggests you keep these considerations in mind.


You Do ADU, Part 1: The first question to ask before deciding on an accessory dwelling unit is, ‘What am I trying to accomplish?’ Then check whether an ADU is the way to achieve that goal.

Building an ADU, or accessory dwelling unit, is becoming a popular option for homeowners in Southern California. But doing an ADU project the right way is vastly more complicated than putting up a backyard shed or some other weekend project. The You Do ADU newsletter can help you navigate the permits, processes, problems and people you’ll be dealing with.

But once you have a small living space, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or succumb to clutter. It just requires creative thinking. That should be no problem in Southern California, where homes are known for their architectural varietyCraftsman, Spanish and Midcentury Modern among them. Here are some inspiring ADUs from Times coverage that are noteworthy not just for their design, but also for their small footprint.


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