Villa Firenze, sold last year for $51 million, asks $120 million

A mansion
Built in 1998, the estate combines three lots across nearly 10 acres and centers on an Italian-inspired mansion.
(Hilton & Hyland)

When biotech entrepreneur Roy Eddleman bought Villa Firenze at auction for $51 million, real estate sources considered it a steal — considering that the Beverly Park mega-mansion originally surfaced for sale at $165 million.

A year later, Eddleman is hoping to flip the prized estate for a huge profit, listing the Italian-inspired showplace for $120 million — making it the fifth-priciest property on the market in L.A. County.

It’s a massive ask, especially considering there have been no major changes to the property. But in Beverly Park, all bets are off. Sylvester Stallone sold his home there to Adele for $58 million in February, and Mark Wahlberg is shopping his place around for $87.5 million.

Villa Firenze rivals any other mansion in the uber-affluent neighborhood in both size and scope, with 12 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms across more than 31,000 square feet. It combines three lots across nearly 10 acres and comes with a guesthouse, pool house, swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, soccer field and something the listing refers to as a “child’s maze.”


Hungarian billionaire Steven Udvar-Hazy, who made his fortune in the airplane leasing industry, is responsible for the palatial estate. He bought the property in 1993; the house was finished five years later.

The front of the property features a motor court with 40-foot palm trees and room for 30 cars. Inside, European-style living spaces include a stone entry, living room with 20-foot ceilings, gym, library and gift-wrapping room.

Another highlight comes in the two-story library, which features a dramatic rotunda and secret passageway that leads to the primary bedroom and den.

Richard Klug of Sotheby’s International Realty holds the listing.

When the villa sold last year for $51 million, it became the priciest home to ever be auctioned off. That record has since been shattered by Fashion Nova founder Richard Saghian, who paid $141 million at auction for a 105,000-square-foot mega-mansion called the One.