3 scary hacker stories and 9 productivity tips

The cyber-attack on Sony Pictures, and the speculation that attack originated in North Korea, has created a hubbub over international computer security – and a chance to learn a bit more about the threats.

Re/Code runs a list of things we know about North Korean hackers, culled from a 75-page Hewlett-Packard report and another from the U.S. Army.

According to Reuters, the malicious software responsible for the Sony attack may extend far beyond the motion picture business, and reports the FBI is alerting businesses everywhere to take heed.

Business Insider meantime carries a story based a private security firm’s report that finds Iranian hackers a threat to “the world’s physical safety.”


If it’s all too heavy to contemplate before you’ve had your coffee and crullers, Business Insider also runs a soothing video offering nine productivity tips for workers, including ideas such as “Make A To-Do List." 


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