CES 2014: Samsung, LG lead smart home push with connected appliances


LAS VEGAS -- As expected, talk of the smart home has been a big topic on the second day of the International Consumer Electronics Show. The Times previewed this trend a couple of weeks ago.

In a show so far lacking any startling product breakthroughs, it seems the deeper push to connect every corner of the home is a perfect example instead of the way technology is changing our lives by its growing presence in our lives.

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But to persuade consumers to come along for the ride, there’s a big emphasis on simplifying the way all this stuff works together.

To that end, LG announced a new Home Chat smart platform that works with its home appliances. All you have to do to manage all your smart home appliances is send them a text message.

This will work with appliances such as a refrigerator, washing machine, robotic vacuum machine among other things. Just send them a command via text message, or just ask them a question like, “Hey refrigerator, what groceries do I need?” And it will tell you.

Later in the afternoon, Samsung held what so far has been the most hotly anticipated media event judging by the epic line of journalists waiting to get in.

Unfortunately for Samsung, Michael Bay’s meltdown sorta stole the show. But after the director toddled off the stage in a fit, Samsung tried to regain momentum be bringing out its smart kitchen appliances and smart washing machines.

But more importantly, Samsung unveiled its Smart Home App that lets you control all your connected devices through a single app on your smartphone or tablet. By creating a single place where consumers can manage all these appliances, the company hopes to make the smart home a bit less intimidating and overwhelming to the average consumer.


“It’s hard to find a part of the world not touched by the Internet,” said BK Yoon, chief executive of Samsung Electronics. “The home of the future has to protect, be flexible and be responsive.”


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