Goodbye typos: Facebook adds ‘edit post’ feature for desktop, Android

Facebook users, rejoice: You can now edit posts after they’ve been published.

The Menlo Park, Calif., company announced Thursday that users will be able to go back and edit their status updates after they’ve been published when they use Facebook on their computers or through the Android app.

That means if you post a status with a typo, you will no longer have to delete the entire post and start over. Users will be able to simply edit the error.


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“To edit a post, you’ll just tap the down arrow on your post and choose ‘Edit post’ to make changes,” a Facebook spokeswoman told The Times in an email. “After you’ve edited your post, you can tap to see a history of your changes.”

Users have long called for this feature. Until now, they could only edit comments that they left on posts, but not the actual posts themselves.

Facebook had previously said it was working on this feature, but it took more than a year for the company to finally launch it.

The company said the feature will become available to 95% of all computer users Thursday. All Android users will gain access to it through an update.

Facebook said it plans to add the “edit posts” as well as “edit comments” features to its Apple iOS app soon.

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