Google Glass ridiculed in hilarious ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketch

Google Glass is an impressive device that lets users walk around with a smart computer visible in the corner of their eye, but like most pieces of technology, it has imperfections. And this weekend, “Saturday Night Live” hilariously pointed them out.

Randall Meeks, a geeky technology correspondent played by “SNL” cast member Fred Armisen, wears a make-shift version of the futuristic device in a piece on the show’s “Weekend Update” news segment. Trying to demonstrate how easy it is to use Glass, he makes a series of comically outrageous head bobs to navigate the device all the while talking about how no one can notice what he is doing.

“I used to spend so much time of my life looking down at my phone, and now, thanks to Google Glass, the phone is up here and I can use it without being rude or distracting,” Meeks tells Seth Meyers .


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“Best of all, they look like totally normal glasses,” Meeks says, to which Meyers responds, “Oh, I don’t think that’s true.”

Meeks runs into some problems when he tries to input information into Glass using his voice. He tries to add NBC’s Wi-Fi password, which of course is “peacock,” but has to say the word a dozen or so times without any luck. He also tries ordering Italian food with Glass but instead changes the device’s language setting. Later, while Meyers talks around Glass, the device accidentally goes on speaker mode and the audience discovers Meeks has been watching porn on Glass the whole time.

“Mute, mute, mute, mute, mute,” Meeks says, as he desperately fidgets with Glass to get it to turn off.

Meeks then says he has to reboot the gadget and tries to do so with some dramatic head swivels until he injures his neck.

The skit does a good job humbling Glass, a device that some in the tech world have already said they won’t go another day living without.


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