Google’s newest Android operating system gets its official name: Oreo

Google and Oreo show off their partnership during the solar eclipse in Manhattan.
(Jason Kempin / Getty Images for Oreo)
The Washington Post

At the height of the day’s solar eclipse in New York, Google finally revealed the name of its latest Android operating system — in honor of another dark disc: the Oreo.

The company turned the beloved cookie into a superhero based on the familiar Android robot logo. Google traditionally names its operating systems after sweet treats; its last system was called Nougat.

Google did not pay the cookie’s maker, Mondelez, to use the name, said spokeswoman Valerie Moens, who in an email called it a “pure co-branding partnership.”


Mondelez said in a news release that it will partner with Google on a “variety of global initiatives designed to create innovative, playful experiences for both OREO and Android fans.”

These, Moens said, will include a drone flight that projects a holographic version of the Android and Oreo superhero, some Android and Oreo-branded cookie giveaways, and four short films featuring the new character.

Google unveiled the name at what appeared to be an eclipse viewing party in New York’s 14th Street Park, a location selected because of its proximity to the first bakery that made Oreos.

Google has released some information about the upcoming operating system, which will feature a redesigned notification center and many tweaks that should lead to an overall increase in speed. The company previewed the system in May at its annual developers conference and offered no additional details Monday.

Some users could get the operating system on Monday, if they are members of the Android Open Source Project. Those with Google Nexus and Pixel phones will see the update soon, as will members of the system’s beta program.

Google said in a blog post that it is working with other phone manufacturers to roll out the operating system more fully by the end of the year.


Tsukayama writes for the Washington Post.