Is Apple’s iPhone 5c commercial its worst yet? [Video]

Apple Inc. is responsible for some of the best commercials of all time, but this year it has sorely been off its game. And its latest commercial isn’t going to help change that.

The ad is for the company’s new iPhone 5c, a plastic version of Apple’s smartphone that comes in five colors. Apple showed off the commercial Tuesday to reporters at its iPhone announcement event, and soon after, it made its way onto YouTube (you can watch it at the top of this post).

The new commercial is a montage of dozens of users from around the world all using the iPhone 5c. The users are chatting on the new device in various languages.

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It’s a neat idea for an ad, especially because the iPhone 5c is considered to be Apple’s way of succeeding in emerging markets, such as China, where it has struggled to compete with its rivals.

But instead, the ad comes off as tacky.

Everybody in the ad is so exaggeratedly happy and cheerful to be on the phone that one of my colleagues actually thought the video was a parody of a real Apple ad when he first saw it.

The new ad follows a few other similar commercials released by Apple this year that have received low ratings.


In contrast, some of Apple’s other ads throughout the years -- its 1984 Super Bowl commercial, the Think Different ad and the Mac vs. PC campaign -- are regarded as classics.

But what do you think of the new ad? Let us know in the comments.


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