Samsung’s latest Galaxy Gear ad may be the cheesiest of 2013

Samsung has released countless ads in 2013, but it seems the South Korean tech giant has saved the worst for last.

A commercial for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch was released by Samsung this weekend, and because of its super cheesy nature, the video may be the worst tech ad of the year.

The $299 smartwatch is capable of syncing with certain Samsung devices by way of Bluetooth. Once connected, the gadget can send and receive text messages, make voice calls, shoot pictures and videos as well as run apps.

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The company tried to demonstrate every one of the device’s capabilities in its new 2:30-minute ad, which you can see above.


The ad depicts three characters, a man with a smartphone, an attractive woman and another man who appears suave and tech-savvy thanks to his new Galaxy Gear.

As the three go up a ski lift, the man with the Galaxy Gear tries to impress the woman by having her give him her number by speaking it to his smartwatch. The other man, meanwhile, fumbles with his smartphone while wearing gloves and ultimately drops it and his ski gear off the lift.

“Hey, pretty lady. It’s me, Jack,” the Galaxy Gear owner says in a call to the woman after getting her number.

The two then snowboard down the mountain while Jack takes photos and videos of the woman, whose name is Aimee. He shows her the pictures and video hoping to keep impressing her. It works considering she’s up for a drink later that night when the two run into each other at a bar.

Not one to hold back, Jack keeps flaunting his smartwatch’s features, and turns on an alert app on the Galaxy Gear that makes his Samsung phone ring after dropping it.

Jack finds his device then offers Aimee a drink. While getting her drink, Jack uses another app to get information on the available wine. Meanwhile, the other man in the ad drops his glass of wine after trying to pull out his phone from his pocket when he thinks he’s getting a call.

Jack meets up with Aimee on the bar’s outdoor balcony and turns on romantic music on his phone using the Galaxy Gear.

“That was perfect, Jack,” Aimee says as she snuggles up to him for a hug. That’s when Jack raises his Galaxy Gear, looks straight at the camera and winks.

The ad is incredibly cheesy, but it does give users some ideas for how they can use a Galaxy Gear in the real world -- just don’t count on it winning you the girl.


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