Justin Bieber reportedly leads investment in new social network

Teenage pop star Justin Bieber reportedly led a $1.1-million round of funding for a new teen-focused social network.
(Alejandro Bolivar / EPA)

What do you do when you have millions and millions of Twitter followers? One option is to fund your very own social network.

Teenage pop star Justin Bieber, the second-most popular person on Twitter with 46.5 million followers, has reportedly led a $1.1-million round of funding for RockLive, a San Francisco tech company that plans to launch a new social network this week.

The social network will be called Shots of Me and will focus on teenagers, according to Fortune.

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“When we told [Bieber] that we were looking to create a social network for teens that really addresses what they aren’t getting on other networks, and which tries to deal with things like cyber-bullying, his eyes just lit up,” RockLive Chief Executive John Shahidi told Fortune.

RockLive has not shared much information about Shots of Me, other than that its launch is planned for this week and that the app would be available in the Apple App Store.

A website that appears to be associated with the social network describes the app as “Your Selfie Camera,” so if you aren’t a fan of “selfies” -- where you point the camera at yourself and snap a picture -- you might want to steer clear.

Bieber is no stranger to social networks. Besides being one of the most followed users on Twitter, he also was discovered through videos on YouTube, and he also helped raise Instagram’s popularity when he posted his first picture in 2011 and blew up the social network’s servers.



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