Watch the Lego car built out of 500,000 blocks hit the road [Video]

Two Lego nerds have taken their passion to new levels by building a car using more than 500,000 toy blocks and a few real auto parts.

The black-and-yellow Lego hot rod features seats, a steering wheel and even an engine that is built out of the popular toy blocks. Dubbed the “Super Awesome Micro Project,” the car is capable of going nearly 19 miles per hour.

The car was put together by Steve Sammartino, an Australian marketing guy, and Raul Oaida, a 20-year-old Romanian tech whiz. The pair took to the Internet to crowd-fund the vehicle, sending out a tweet looking for backers. Ultimately, 40 individuals decide to invest at least $500 each in the Lego car.

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Footage of the Lego vehicle was posted on YouTube this week, showing the block-built car driving through a street in Australia slowly. The pair said they didn’t want to go to fast out of fear of causing a “Lego explosion.”

To run, the car uses four orbital engines made out of 256 Lego pistons that runs on compressed air.

Only a few parts of the car -- the tires, wheels, the gauges -- were not made out of Legos.



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