Protecting against Heartbleed: Live chat


Earlier this week, Tumblr sent out a note encouraging users to change the passwords for all of their online accounts immediately due to the discovery of a major bug known as “Heartbleed.”

As Times tech reporter Salvador Rodriguez reported, the Heartbleed bug makes it possible for “hackers to retrieve code from websites and other online services that would give them access to other information, including user data and passwords. “

Heartbleed affects services that use the widely popular OpenSSL security library, which is used to secure websites using HTTPS encryption.


What does it really mean? How vulnerable are you? What can you do to protect yourself from Heartbleed? Join tech reporter Chris O’Brien and social media editor Stacey Leasca for a live chat on Heartbleed. Send us your questions on Twitter using the hashtag #AskLATimes. We will answer them live at noon PDT.


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