Samsung now selling its curved OLED TV in South Korea

Samsung began selling a 55-inch TV that has a curved screen and super-high image quality.

But you can’t buy one in the U.S. -- it’s on the market only in South Korea, where it costs the equivalent of about $13,000.

The curved screen that uses OLED technology (organic light-emitting diode) was shown off earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Samsung said the curved design makes it possible for users to have a good viewing experience no matter what the viewing angle.


“The panel keeps the distance between the viewer and TV screen the same from almost any angle for a more lifelike viewing experience,” the company said Thursday.

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OLED technology makes it possible for manufacturers to deliver higher-resolution images while also building thinner TV sets.

“We are proud to be able to deliver on our promise of bringing our curved OLED TV to the market,” said Hyunsuk Kim, executive vice president of Samsung Visual Displays. “With this product, we’re able to offer consumers an immersive viewing experience and flawless picture quality.”


Samsung’s curved OLED TV is the second of its kind to go on sale. The first was a set by LG, which priced the set at about $13,500 and began taking orders in late April. That TV also has a 55-inch screen.

The very first OLED TV to go on sale was from Sony -- it debuted in 2008 and cost only $2,500. But that set sported a relatively tiny 11-inch screen.


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