Samsung plays up famous TV smartwatches to promote Galaxy Gear [Video]


New Samsung commercials featuring such characters as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Dick Tracy show off numerous telephone watches from popular TV shows to promote the company’s new Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

The Galaxy Gear is a $300 device by Samsung that launched this month in the U.S. The gadget looks like a wristwatch but has a touchscreen, a camera and can run apps as well as send text messages.

And as Samsung likes to point out in its commercials, the Galaxy Gear can also be used to make and receive voice calls.


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In one of its new ads, the South Korean tech giant shows clips of popular TV show characters like George Jetson from “The Jetsons” and Michael Knight from “Knight Rider” talking into their wristwatches. Samsung ends the video montage with a shot of a Galaxy Gear user talking into her new gadget.

“I’m on my way,” the Galaxy Gear user says, echoing a line repeated by many of the TV characters shown using their smartwatches. You can see the ad atop this post.

In another ad, Samsung shows close-ups of the TV watches, including a watch from the “Inspector Gadget” cartoon and another from “Star Trek.” That ad ends with a dramatic close-up of the Galaxy Gear.

The new ads are a continuation of a major marketing push by Samsung to promote the Galaxy Gear. Last week, the company paid for 10 full pages of ads in each of the Friday editions of the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

The marketing comes after critic reviews of the Galaxy Gear came out, with many saying the device is not worth buying at this point.



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