Secret announces ‘Dens,’ anonymous forums for businesses

Secret Dens
Secret has unveiled Dens, a new feature that will allow users to share posts anonymously with their colleagues.

Secret has announced a new feature that will allow users to share anonymous posts with others at their companies. 

Secret is an app for the iPhone and Android devices that launched in January. It allows users to post anonymous messages that can be commented on by their friends, friends of friends and others in their proximity. As a post gets more likes, or “hearts,” it is broadcast to users beyond their immediate contacts.

But with its new “Secret Dens” feature, the San Francisco startup is experimenting with allowing users to make anonymous posts that are visible only to the people they work with.

For now, only a few companies have received invitations to create Dens for their employees, but later on, the feature may be opened up to more organizations, Secret said Monday.


After a company creates a Den, employees must connect their Secret accounts with their work email addresses so they can be verified as being a part of the organization. After that, users can direct posts into their Dens by including the handle for their organization.

Having the ability to share anonymous posts with colleagues can have a positive effect on companies, said Scott Dobroski, spokesman for Glassdoor, a jobs and career website that allows users to publicly share anonymous posts about their companies.

“Places where employees can anonymously share what needs improvement at their company will only benefit the company,” said Dobroski. “People are already talking about the good and bad of their companies. What this means is that now that its online, smart employers are the ones who will read feedback and improve their companies where needed.”

Dobroski’s only suggestion is that companies who adopt Dens set parameters for their employees to follow; that way employees focus on posting constructive criticism.  


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