SnapHack app lets users save Snapchat photos without notifying sender

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Want to save Snapchat pictures and videos without the sender finding out? There’s an app for that.

SnapHack, a $0.99 app for Apple iOS devices, lets users save photos and videos that they receive via Snapchat, circumventing Snapchat’s key feature that automatically deletes messages seconds after they’ve been read or seen.

“Save your snapchats to your camera roll without the sender knowing and view them as many times as you like!” the app’s description reads.


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The app works by having users sign into SnapHack using their Snapchat login information.

Any time users receive a notice of a new “snap,” they simply have to open the SnapHack app and refresh the app to retrieve the new pictures and videos they have received. They can then open each snap individually and tell the app to save the file onto their device. The app won’t save snaps if they have already been opened with the Snapchat app.

SnapHack launched this weekend, and it is not affiliated with Snapchat. When asked about the new app, Snapchat declined to comment.

While some users may appreciate the fact that SnapHack lets them quickly and easily save snaps, others may not be happy to hear that their snaps may be getting saved without their knowledge.

Snapchat is commonly used to send pictures and videos to friends. Because snaps usually disappear within a matter of seconds, many use the app to send silly or embarrassing pictures that they wouldn’t normally post on other social networks. Others also use Snapchat to send lewd content.

For now, SnapHack is still available in the Apple App Store.



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