The 10 biggest tech gadget fails [Photos]


The world of tech is known for its ingenious inventions, but sometimes, it’s flops are even more memorable.

From Google to Twitter to Microsoft, every major player in the tech industry has at one point or another also invented and released a gadget so bad that they will never be able to live it down.

Take Apple for example. The company gave us the iPod, iPhone and the iPad, but do you remember the Apple Newton? That 90s device was supposed to function like a personal digital assistant that could recognize users’ handwriting. But it never worked well, it never sold well and it was quickly axed upon Steve Jobs’ return to the company.


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Not all flops are bad inventions, though. Some just happened to be the losers of a tech arms race, as was the case with the HD DVD. For a few years, it went toe-to-toe with Blu-ray in the fight to become the successor to the DVD. Ultimately, Blu-ray won out, and the HD DVD entered the hall of shame.

And then there are gadgets like the Segway. The two-wheeled, personal transport works exactly as it needs to and makes our lives easier, but it’s just so geeky that no one in their right mind, besides mall cops, would ever be caught riding one.


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