Unboxing the Quirky Spotter multipurpose sensor [Video]

The Quirky Spotter is a small device that can be used as a motion, light, sound or temperature sensor.

The Quirky Spotter is a small device users can attach anywhere in their home to use as a motion, light, sound, temperature or humidity sensor.

Priced at $49.99, the Spotter connects with users’ smartphones to notify them when it senses a change in its environment.

Users set up the device and program it to deliver notifications depending on the activity they want to monitor.

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For example, the Spotter can be used as a baby monitor when programmed to sense sound. Its motion sensor capabilities can be used to detect when a laundry machine finishes working. The Spotter can be used to monitor the temperature of a food storage area. And the light sensor can be used to monitor when someone walks into a room and turns the light on.

The Spotter connects to users’ Wi-Fi networks to deliver notifications. The device is an inch tall, and it runs on AA batteries or can be plugged into an electrical outlet using an AC adapter.

The device is compatible with Apple iPhones and Android devices.


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