Usain Bolt added to ‘Temple Run 2'; fastest playable character ever?

Usain Bolt is the fastest in real life, and now, he might just be the fastest in video games, too.

The six-time Olympic gold medalist has been added as a playable character in “Temple Run 2,” the popular endless running game for Android and Apple devices. Bolt’s character is available for download as a 99-cent in-app for a limited time.

This is the first instance in which Imangi Studios, the game developer, has added a character based on someone in real life.

Like at the London and Beijing Olympics, Bolt runs in his signature yellow and green Jamaican uniform. Imangi Studios also said Bolt’s character possesses a special power-up feature that lets him collect coins while in boost mode.


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Bolt, who specializes in the 100- and 200-meter sprints as well as the 100-meter relay, said he loves the Temple Run franchise. He said he has been playing since the original game came out, and his record on “Temple Run 2" is 28 million. By comparison, my top score was just a tad below 1 million.

“It’s an honor to be a part of such an established game,” he said in an email to The Times. “Many of my fans have told me that I should be a playable character in Temple Run, so when this opportunity was put before me, I had to say YES!”

The Jamaican sprinter has been offered other video game deals in the past, but he said “Temple Run 2" was the best fit for him.

Bolt said he is the fastest in the game and he has the best power-up. When asked which “Temple Run 2" character is his biggest rival, Bolt said “Myself!” He explained that it’s tough “Controlling all that speed and not getting too”

But since speed isn’t as important in “Temple Run 2" as endurance, I asked Bolt if fellow Olympic gold medalist Mo Farrah, the reigning champion of the 5,000- and 10,000-meter races, was a better fit for the game.

“Haha!” he said. “That’s why my character will be the fastest in the game. Remember I did a few 400m growing up, so I have speed and distance in my background.”


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