Vine adds ability to edit videos, save sessions

Vine's new "Time Travel" feature allows users to edit their videos by reorganizing their shots before posting.

The ability to edit videos has finally arrived on Vine.

The popular video app announced Thursday that users can now edit their videos before posting them. With a new feature called “Time Travel,” users can now reorganize the various shots included in their videos.

That means if a user wants to put the last clip he shot at the start of his video, he can simply drag it to the front before sharing.

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To edit, users tap the green bar at the top of the screen while they shoot or tap “Edit” while in the preview screen.

The Twitter-owned app also added another feature called “Sessions” that allows users to save unfinished posts and work on others. Vine said users can save a total of 10 posts at a time.

Prior to the Thursday update, users could not begin shooting a new post until they either published or canceled the current post they were working on.


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