Watch Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto deny creating bitcoin [video]

After Newsweek published a report alleging he is the founder of bitcoin, 64-year-old Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto spoke with the Associated Press to deny his involvement with the cryptocurrency.

The AP uploaded footage of the interview to YouTube on Thursday evening.


In the video, Nakamoto said he was an engineer, as stated in the Newsweek piece, but he didn't create bitcoin. Nakamoto said he wants to clear his name.

"That's not me. I never communicated with bitcoins. Leah wrote all this?" Nakamoto asked, in reference to Newsweek reporter Leah McGrath Goodman.
"Yeah," the AP reporter Ryan Nakashima answers before Nakamoto exhales loudly.

The Temple City resident also addressed the Newsweek claim that he worked on bitcoin between 2001 and 2008, a period during which the magazine said it was unclear what Nakamoto spent his time doing.

"If you look at the time span -- 2001, when it was supposed to be developed -- I wasn't there," he said. "I was working for the government through contracting company."

"I just believe that somebody put that fictitious name in there," Nakamoto said.