Yahoo Mail exec reportedly jokes users won’t leave; users now leaving


Yahoo Mail users are beginning to leave the service due to an outage that has kept many from accessing their emails this week. The mass migration comes about a month after the man in charge of the service reportedly joked last month that users would need to be kicked hard in a certain body part before switching email providers.

AllThingsD reports that Jeff Bonforte, the head of Yahoo Mail, made the joke last month at an employee meeting. Bonforte was speaking about the state of Yahoo Mail and then began to address recent complaints from some users who have been upset because of a feature that had been removed.

Yahoo would need to “kick the users hard” in a delicate part of the male anatomy before they leave their email provider, Bonforte said at the meeting, according to AllThingsD. For the report, AllThingsD spoke with unnamed Yahoo employees.


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But now that Yahoo Mail is entering the fourth day of major outages, it seems the company has finally delivered that hard kick. Users on Twitter are saying they are finally leaving the service.

Yes so done with yahoo mail now. Time to pick a new email— Elle Woods (@LegallyBrunett3) December 12, 2013

Yahoo mail keeps getting worse, I’m finally done regardless of how big a pain it is to switch -— Eric Siebert (@ericsiebert) December 12, 2013

How can I easily backup all my Yahoo Mail emails? Time to switch email provider. Thank you. #yahoomailfail— Badarch (@ilookasian) December 12, 2013

Leaving @Yahoo as soon as it’s up! I haven’t been able to get mail for 2 days!!! #PurelyWack— Gerald (Gee) Jones (@I_PLAY_LP) December 11, 2013

Upon the latest check, Yahoo Mail is still experiencing outages. The company is delivering updates through this Web page.


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