Speaker Anthony Rendon is California’s Assembly foodie

A man holds up a cone.
California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon with a cone of chongos zamorano (a type of curdled milk) at Tocumbo Ice Cream in Anaheim.
(Gustavo Arellano / Los Angeles Times)

Good morning, and welcome to the Essential California newsletter. It’s Friday, July 15. I’m columnist Gustavo Arellano, which means I can have opinions. And I’m reporting from my beloved hometown of Anaheim, the perfect place to conclude my weeklong stint. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my dispatches, gentle reader, as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them!

Since it’s Friday, I figure I’ll leave ustedes with two Anaheim restaurant recommendations to check out this weekend. Tacos Los Cholos offers awesome tacos packed with meats grilled over a gigantic outdoor grill. Afterward, head across town to Tocumbo Ice Cream, which makes the best Mexican-style paletas and ice cream — think a lot of regional fruits like maracuya, mamey and guanábana — in Southern California. But you don’t have to take my word for it — just ask California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Lakewood).

I’ve kept in touch with him ever since he appeared on my 2019 podcast about the 25th anniversary of Proposition 187. We don’t really talk politics much — our conversations are mostly about literature, but especially restaurants. The man knows his food! We’ve shared meals in Little Saigon, at my wife’s place and especially in various spots across his southeast Los Angeles County district. So when Rendon told me he was going to be in O.C. to connect with Assemblymember Tom Daly (D-Anaheim), I told him to hit up those spots.

We arrived at the popular taqueria right before the line went out the door. He ordered tacos of chorizo, pork rib and slightly melted panela cheese with a chile güerito on top. “My parents didn’t have a lot of money, but they liked to try places,” he said as we waited for our lunch. Family favorites included Tommy’s and a carnitas spot off Indiana Street near the 5 Freeway in East Los Angeles. But he also loved the spectacle of dining, a trait he got from his grandmother, who was the cook at a retirement home for priests in Silver Lake.

“I once read in a book that people would pay to see Napoleon eat at banquets,” he said as we both dressed our tacos. “It just says so much about us.”

The speaker makes it a point of asking assemblymembers when he visits their district to pick a restaurant where the two can talk shop. “It’s a reflection of the person, but also of a place,” Rendon said right before biting into his carne asada taco. “It’s a way to figure out both.”

He suddenly stopped talking. “You can taste the smokiness. The smell goes through your nose and out your mouth. The tortilla is great — you can taste the corn.” Rendon kept chewing, then tried to continue his point but couldn’t. “Damn, this is really good. Comforting like a backyard BBQ.”

After we scarfed down our lunch, the two of us headed to Tocumbo. There, Rendon told me the Assembly is trying to get the state out of the way of regulating food vendors. I mentioned how Anaheim — a city mired in an FBI investigation over allegations of corruption that went all the way to City Hall — nevertheless found the time to harass street vendors. One of them: Tacos Los Cholos, who graduated from their street-side spots to now have two locations (sources say a third is in the works).


“We’re kinder than a lot of cities are,” Rendon said as we ordered our ice cream — Mazapan for me, chongos zamoranos (an ice cream made of cinnamon-flavored curdled milk) for him. “As Dems, we fashion ourselves as champions of the little guy, and [helping street vendors] is the perfect example to help.”

We stopped to enjoy our respective cones. The Mazapan tasted just like its namesake candy, a powdered peanut confection that holds a Proustian power over me. Rendon smiled while finishing his. “This is really layered!” he said. “The subtlety.”

Before we left, I asked Rendon to plug a favorite spot in Sacramento, in his district, and a wild card. “323 Tacos for up north — get the asada and lengua,” he said. “Burrito House in Bell, for their chile relleno burrito and handmade flour tortillas. And then that Laotian BBQ spot in Stanton — in that food hall out there....”

Kra-Z-Kai’s BBQ?

“Super! Spicy, fresh, incredible.”

Damn, Rendon knows spots in Stanton? California’s democracy is safer than I ever imagined....

And now, here’s what’s happening across California:

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