Video of woman shouting N-word, threats at Eagle Rock CVS prompts police investigation

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Police are investigating a woman’s racist and threatening tirade at an Eagle Rock CVS store as a hate incident after video of the outburst went viral.

Video shows a woman in sunglasses jumping up and down in the doorway of the pharmacy shouting the N-word. After exiting the store, she shouts more racial obscenities and threatening messages.

“I would kill a … but the law says I can’t,” she shouts in the video. “If the law didn’t say I couldn’t kill all the … they’d all be dead.”


A customer reported the rant Wednesday to the Los Angeles Police Department, said Officer Jeff Lee.

According to a police report, the woman was at the CVS in the 1000 block of Colorado Boulevard. Lee said police have not identified the woman and don’t know whether she has a criminal history.

But a man who said he was a longtime neighbor of the woman and her husband told KTLA-TV Channel 5 that she has a history of outbursts.

“Her and her husband have been really just behaving very dishearteningly with our neighbors,” said the man, whom the station identified only as Tony. “We had to file restraining orders against her and her husband for wanting to threaten us, to assault us.”

The man said that he’s of Italian descent and that the woman had told him to return to his country and that this was not a place for him.

He gave the station video from a home security system showing a man and a woman physically struggling and shouting at each other.