All L.A. residents with symptoms can now get same-day or next-day coronavirus tests

Dr. Mark V. Morocco oversees the coronavirus testing at UCLA Medical Center.
(Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times)

Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Tuesday that, thanks to increased testing capacity, anyone with coronavirus symptoms can now book a same or next-day appointment.

“Great news for anybody who’s feeling under the weather and has the symptoms,” he said at a news briefing.

More information about getting tested is available here.


Of more than 63,000 people who have been tested in Los Angeles County, 11% were positive, officials said Tuesday.

Public Health Department Director Barbara Ferrer said that percentage could indicate that of Los Angeles County’s 10 million residents, “we could have as many as 1 million people at some point in time” who are infected. Of course, not every individual will obtain testing for COVID-19.

Testing is considered a crucial way of tracking and potentially slowing the coronavirus.

The number of those tested has been collected via an electronic reporting system, Ferrer said. Commercial labs, medical providers and hospitals are recording those numbers, and a public health team checks for duplicate reports. Ferrer said the numbers are reported once a test result is obtained.

At some point, certain labs did not have access to the reporting system, which is one possible reason the reported number of those tested jumped by more than 10,000 Tuesday.

Los Angeles County health officials on Tuesday confirmed 40 more deaths linked to the coronavirus, the highest number reported in a single day.

The county’s death toll now stands at 366, and Ferrer said the mortality rate has increased to 3.6%.

Ferrer confirmed 670 additional COVID-19 cases, bringing the county’s total to more than 10,000. Officials have previously said that the case count includes individuals who have recovered, but there is currently no way to track those numbers.


A Seattle emergency-room doctor contracted COVID-19 while treating patients infected by coronavirus. He owes his life to physicians who used an experimental treatment.

April 13, 2020