Ventura County urges residents to keep social distancing despite coronavirus progress

People at the beach
Port Hueneme Beach Park on April 19, after Ventura County loosened its coronavirus stay-at-home order.
(Jason Armond / Los Angeles Times)

Ventura County officials urged residents to continue practicing social distancing despite signs that the region is bending the coronavirus curve.

As of Tuesday, Ventura County has reported 428 total coronavirus cases and 13 deaths.

On Friday evening, Ventura County announced the reopening of county parks, but playgrounds, tennis courts, campgrounds and golf courses remained closed.

On Saturday, the health officer issued a modified Stay Well At Home order that allowed businesses to reopen physical locations of up to 10 workers as long as they did not serve the public.


Golf courses and bicycle shops were allowed to reopen. In-person sales of vehicles were also permitted.

Dr. Robert Levin, county public health officer, stressed that residents are still required to stay home as much as possible and practice social distancing when visiting essential businesses.

Leaving home to exercise is permitted, but gyms will remain closed.

Levin said people complain about teenagers getting together, but he has heard of seniors “acting like teenagers” and gathering. He recommended seniors limit golf groups to two people.

Officials will take stock of their new rules in two weeks to see how the county is faring.

During a Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday morning, County Executive Officer Michael Powers said the county rescinded a loosening of the stay-at-home order announced Friday of allowing gatherings of up to five people because some found it “permissive and a little confusing.”

Powers called this new order more “sustainable” for a long-term basis for its residents.

The county’s rules cannot be less restrictive than the state’s rules, Powers said.