13 arrested in attempt to loot Lakewood mall, sheriff says


The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department arrested 13 people who attempted to loot the Lakewood mall Sunday.

Sheriff’s deputies were out in force at the shopping center, and Sheriff Alex Villanueva said they were able to quickly control the situation.

Three buildings suffered damage, but more details were not available, he added.


The incident came amid widespread looting to the south in downtown Long Beach.

In Long Beach, hundreds of protesters — many chanting and holding signs reading “no justice, no peace” and “black lives matter” — walked from the city’s downtown area through Alamitos Beach along Broadway before circling back to downtown along Ocean Boulevard around 3 p.m. Residents stood on sidewalks or on their balconies, often shouting words of support.

However, less than two hours later, hundreds of protesters began looting stores at the Pike Outlets. People in the crowd smashed windows with hammers and trash cans lids.

Some protesters yelled for the looters to leave the stores alone. Others shouted, “Let’s hit Nike” before running toward the popular athletic store.

Over the next few hours, numerous stores were hit.