National Guardsman kneels after calls from Hollywood protesters, who cheer

A National Guard member takes a knee during a Hollywood protest.
A National Guard member kneels to pray during a Hollywood protest Tuesday.
(Dorany Pineda


It was 1 p.m. and thousands of protesters marching through Hollywood had arrived at Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street, where they came across National Guard troops and police.

Some in the crowd chanted, “Take a knee.”

After several minutes, at least two of the Guardsmen complied to pray with demonstrators, as the crowd cheered and clapped.

One person yelled, “Thank you!” to the kneeling officers.


Other protesters encountered a line of police officers and began chanting, “Walk with us” and “Let us walk.” The group was trying to reach another crowd of demonstrators father up Hollywood, past Cherokee.

The marchers were met with a line of at least 20 LAPD officers who wouldn’t let them pass. As the group neared the line, hands raised, police began raising their batons to hold them back.

Later, at Argyle and Sunset, there was a tense exchange between protesters and LAPD officers. One officer shoved down a protester’s phone. Another threw a flower someone had placed in his pocket onto the ground.

Demonstrations large and small unfold throughout California as protests ignited by George Floyd’s death show no signs of slowing.

June 2, 2020

Aijshia Moody, 30, was among those holding a cardboard sign that read, “Am I next?”

Her brother is 14 years old and has often dealt with racial profiling in Pacoima, where they live.


“He can’t even get on his skateboard.

“That’s why I’m here,” she said, noting that she’s dealt with racism her entire life.

Carlos Vellanoweth had joined the group from his home in Whittier.

“I feel like there needs to be change,” said the 15-year-old, who marched in downtown L.A. earlier this week with his parents and held a sign that read, “#mexicanos for black lives. They matter!”

“It’s 2020 and black people are still being oppressed. We need to stop discriminating against one another,” he said.


10:58 a.m. June 10, 2020: Chaplain Jeff Triesch and Capt. Nicholas Koenig, the two National Guard troops in the video, kneeled with demonstrators to pray, not in protest.