Six arrested after changing Hollywood sign to ‘Hollyboob’

A police car in front of the Hollywood sign, which reads "Hollyboob"
Six people were charged with trespassing Monday after changing the Hollywood sign.
(Steve Alper)

Six people were arrested Monday after scaling steep terrain around the iconic Hollywood sign and strategically changing it to convey what they said was a breast cancer awareness message, according to police.

“Hollyboob,” the sign briefly read, with a big tarp with the letter “B” on it thrown over the “W” and a strategically placed white dash to make the “D” another “B.”

LAPD Capt. Steve Lurie, the Hollywood area commander, said LAPD security personnel observed the five men and one woman on video surveillance about 1:15 p.m. A police helicopter responded to the area, and flight crew were able to watch the group move back down the hill to a location on Mulholland Highway — where other officers and park rangers met them with handcuffs.


The arrestees were not publicly identified and could not be immediately reached for comment Monday.

Two social media influencers said they trespassed to change the Hollywood sign to read ‘Hollyboob’ in part to challenge censorship on Instagram.

Feb. 2, 2021

All six will be cited with misdemeanor trespassing and released, Lurie said. “There’s no vandalism, because the sign wasn’t damaged,” he said.

The site is surrounded by Griffith Park but is not accessible to the public and is privately maintained by the Hollywood Sign Trust.

A representative for the trust said they were grateful for the fast response from the LAPD.

“It’s unfortunate that such an important icon for the city of L.A. is not being appreciated,” said Mark Panatier, the group’s chairman, who said trespassing to alter the sign was wrong no matter the purported cause.


“This is an icon that’s there for visual reinforcement of the importance of Hollywood, not just for the city of L.A. but to the world,” Panatier said. “It needs to be upheld; it doesn’t need to be demeaned.”

The sign has been changed before. On New Year’s Day 2017, it was changed to read “HOLLYWeeD.”

Steve Alper, 54, a dentist who lives down the hill and owns the vacant Mulholland property where the arrests were made, said he was on his way to grab some lunch when he looked out the window and saw the “Hollyboob” lettering.

By the time he got up to his Mulholland property, the group — who looked to have cameras and other recording gear — were coming down and police were arriving, he said.

“It’s probably just a gag,” he said.

Alper said people trespass on the property all the time, but mostly get scared off by guards or rangers on bullhorns.