Man’s remains found nearly three years after Northern California flood


The body of a man who went missing during a flood nearly three years ago has been found in Northern California, authorities said Monday.

John Honesto, 67, disappeared after driving his truck down State Route 132 near Coulterville during a major storm on March 22, 2018.

The highway was washed out, and when Mariposa County sheriff’s deputies found Honesto’s truck in a culvert the next day, he wasn’t in it.


Sheriff’s officials said hikers in the area of Piney Creek found a body in mud on Jan. 31. Deputies recovered the remains and took them to the coroner’s office.

Honesto was identified using dental records, a sheriff’s statement said.

“Mr. Honesto has been returned to his family; we are thankful they are finally able to have closure,” the statement said.